The N.E.R.P. Aluminum brake backing plate and associated components are specifically designed for your vehicle. The backing plate has been designed to fit without any modifications to it. All components have been designed to work efficiently together to maximize the cooling capability of the total unit. The backing plate itself is made of an aircraft grade aluminum, and is tig welded and anodized. The backing plate weighs about 7.2 ounces.

If you purchased the complete kit you should have the following components:

2 Black Anodized aluminum backing plates.
1 7 Sections of hose 500 Deg/F.
4 - 3"Hose clamps
8 - 50# Black Nylon Tie wraps


  1. Properly lift and support the front end of the car, and remove the wheels.
  2. If you have an existing backing-dust plate installed it needs to be removed or altered. The new backing can then be installed with the inlet tube opening facing the lower inside of the car.
  3. If you are removing the hub, see the shop manual for the proper way of removing and re-installing.
  4. If you are altering the existing backing plate then see the installation pictures for the areas that need to be cut.
  5. Line up the bolt holes and bolt the backing plate to the spindle. If the factory backing plate was altered then place the new backing plate behind the altered one. Just snug the bolts at this time. Now carefully mount the rotor back onto the hub and check the clearances between the backing plate and rotor, making sure the backing plate does not rub on the rotor. Remove the rotor and when satisfied with the fit tighten the backing plate bolts to factory specs.
  6. Install the duct hose to the backing plate with the supplied 3" hose clamps. Route the hose to the coupler if purchased, or to an inlet duct and secure with another 3" hose clamp. Tie wrap the hose in several places to secure it to the vehicle.
  7. Place the rotor back onto the hub.
  8. Re-mount the brake calipers and tighten to factory specifications.
  9. With the car still up on the jack stands, rotate the steering back and forth to check for any interference. If all checks fine, then re-attach the road wheels, torque and lower the car.

Warranty Policy:

All merchandise is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Any item that has been found to be defective will be replaced without charge due to defective material or workmanship. All warranty claims must include the original invoice number.


N.E.R.P. LLC. Does not warrant the legality of this product or that it complies with local, state, or federal regulations, nor does N.E.R.P. LLC recommend illegal modifications. Due to vehicle regulations varying from state to state, it is recommended you check local laws and regulations for your area before ordering. Our liability is limited to replacement of the part only and does not recognize claims for labor or consequential damage. We do recommend the kit to be installed by a qualified mechanic. The preceding pictures are for reference only, your vehicle may be different.

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